Firehouse Art Center

wpid9080-IMG_1804.jpgBit by bit, I am seeing more of the local area in our new home.  We have been to Pleasanton a few times and it has cropped up in the blog before too.  We were recently there for a spot of lunch and decided to have a wander around before heading off to our next task.  A sign showed the way to the Firehouse Art Center.  As you might imagine, this is located in an old firehouse.  The building has undergone significant restoration and modification it appears.

wpid9078-IMG_1801.jpgTime was not on our side to go in and have a look around but the lovely day made a quick external recce worthwhile.  The building looks very nice and there is a great sculpture of an artist at work outside.  It is surrounded by some nice grounds and it looks like a pleasant place to relax if you had a book handy on a nice day.

wpid9082-IMG_1806.jpgHeading back to the car, I couldn’t help myself but grab a quick shot of the gas station in town.  This has such a nice throwback feel to it, it had to be done.  All of these were just shot with the phone but they give a little bit more of a feel for the area.

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