Day One!

Today marks the first day in a new phase for me.  I have read and heard so many people saying that it is important to have a blog that the pressure has finally got to me.  Here is the first installment of my new blog.  As I write this, I find myself thinking many things.  Do I have the capacity to regularly make entries in my blog?  Do I have the imagination to create anything that is meaningful that might provide some interest for someone out there?  Is this talk about the importance of blogging as short lived as the need for a website – something that is now seen as so common as to be irrelevant?

So, I am embarking on this at a time when everyone else is already far ahead of me and the chances are that blogs will be passé before mine has even really got going.  However, I am always willing to be a follower rather than a leader so, while some of you out there are already plotting the next great thing, I shall start on the previous great thing.

Having made that step, I now find myself debating what to write.  Am I going to be contemplative in this blog, factual, a diarist or just a periodic poster of my work?  Am I going to strict this to me photography or branch out to cover my other work?  Can the two go together or is it even advisable to discuss my other work in public?  How will my clients feel about it?

I guess today is not the day to answer all of this questions I have.  Today is the day to get the first post together and to start worrying about the second (and third etc.).  As we progress, I imagine that some of the other issues will gradually fall into place.  We shall see together – assuming there is anyone else reading this!

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