wpid9866-IMG_1976.jpgMy sister and nephew came to stay with us so we had a chance to do a few touristy things. This included another trip for me to the aquarium at Monterey. Since I have been a couple of times recently, this time I didn’t take along my camera since I thought I would enjoy traveling light and just looking at the creatures in the collection. However, I did have my phone and couldn’t resist a few photo opportunities. Specifically, we saw a cuttlefish exhibit that I seem to have missed on my previous visits.

wpid9868-IMG_1979.jpgCuttlefish are fascinating creatures to me. The aerodynamicist in me loves their use of their control surfaces to move in any direction with supreme control. Plus, they look as much like an alien as anything out there and change color at will. I was fascinated by them and one of them seemed to be quite taken with me as it moved face to face with me and waved its tentacles at me. Not sure if this was friendly or threatening but, with some thick glass between us, I wasn’t too bothered. We probably won’t be back there too soon but when we next go, I shall be sure to pay them another visit.

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