Can Pictures Explain the Space Appropriately?

When I was first explaining to Nancy how amazing Yosemite was before we went there, we looked at pictures, but it was not possible for her to appreciate the scale of the place until she saw it for herself.  I think the same is true of our trip to Kenya and Tanzania.  The wildlife was a wonderful part of the trip and the reason for being there, but I should not avoid pointing out how wonderful the scenery was too.  The vast expanses of open plains, the mountains in the distance, the hills surrounding where we stayed – all of these were quite breathtaking.

Sadly, 1600 pixels across a single image is not really going to give the true impression of these locations.  I have shots to share and here they are, but I doubt it will have a significant impression on someone looking at these versus any other shot of open space.  Indeed, wide open plains look pretty weak on a small image.  There is nothing to focus on to give you a sense of scale.  Despite this, I do think it is fair to say that the landscapes we saw were quite amazing.  They won’t have the impact the animals have on people looking at the blog but, if you do go, be ready for some stunning locations.

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