Can I Make a C-17 Different?

If you go to a few airshows, you get to see a lot of familiar types in the static display.  The goal is how to get something a bit more interesting.  I am okay with having a record of what I have seen but you do want to try and do something different.  I have seen C-17s at shows and on bases in the past so I have a lot of shots.  Detail shots of parts of the airframe, low shots from near the nose, views up the ramp and under the tail.  What about something different this time.  Shows are a bit restrictive because there are other people around so I decided to try and minimize them by going wide.  Then it evolved into shooting some wide angle shots for a pano sequence from right under the wing tip.  This creates some significant distortion.  It was okay but I think I could have done it a bit better to add to the drama.  Maybe closer in with a wider field of view.  I’ll have to try again.

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