Breaking the Old Jets

B11I4119.jpgBoneyards can be interesting place to explore.  Old stuff and things from odd locations abound.  On one side of Tucson International Airport is a place filled with old airliners.  Some are being worked on and will fly again.  Others are being stripped for the useful parts that they have.  I didn’t get to go inside but instead wandered along the fence line seeing what was going on.  Interestingly, having seen one of the last flights of the Texas 737 for Southwest, I was surprised to find it here a few days later.  It was being broken down already.  Other 737s were looking short of key parts and a few MD-80s were looking unlikely to move any time soon.  A couple of A320s were there and they did look like they might be on the move at some point.  One was being repainted which I imagine means it has a future.

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