High Peak

AE7I4434.jpgThe top of a mountain is always going to tempt me.  I love high points with unobstructed views in all directions.  Taking the aerial tram to the top of High Peak from Squaw Valley put us in a great place to survey all around us.  It was a bit hazy so the distant views were not too great but you could see Lake Tahoe off in one direction and the summits of other mountains around us.  The surface was pretty easy going so we wandered around a lot.  You did notice the altitude of course so we didn’t overdo it.

AE7I4386.jpgThe resort buildings at the summit included a pool and hot tub (which was open while we were there) and some catering places, most of which had given up with the end of the ski season.  A steady stream of people was making their way up.  We had gone early in the day when it was very quiet.  By the time we headed down, the numbers arriving were a lot larger and things were getting a lot busier.  Still, you only had to walk a short distance to find yourself a lot more alone if you wanted to.

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