Borough Market Has Changed A Lot

When I worked in London, we used to go top Borough Market a lot.  Nancy would shop there sometimes and we would often go up at weekends.  Consequently, we were keen to go and see how it is now.  In some respects, it was very familiar but in others it had changed a lot.  The railway bridges over the market have been expanded in more recent times.  At one point, there was a suggestion that the market would go as a result of the railway changes but thankfully that has not been the case.

What does seem to have changed is the balance of the types of vendor that are there.  There were always plenty of places to buy food to eat straightaway.  However, I seem to recall a lot more vendors of meat, fish and produce.  There are certainly still a lot of these but now the balance seems to have shifted towards more of the immediate eating options.  I am not saying that this is a bad thing but it does feel like it has turned away from being a market towards being a tourist attraction.

Since we were tourists, I can’t have much ground for complaint about this.  I love looking around the market with its cast iron framing and the variety of stalls.  There are some great meat vendors present and a few fish stalls too.  We did have a guilty treat with some donuts and they were very good indeed.  I am obviously part of the reason it has evolved.  There is an old sign on the wall that lays out rents for the market.  I suspect this is a little out of date at this point.

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