Akaka Falls

I am like many tourists in that I am a sucker for waterfalls.  I suspect as I go through the many posts on this blog that I will find plenty of waterfall shots.  Today I shall be adding one more.  Akaka Falls on Big Island are a popular spot.  Tour parties seemed to be a feature the day we were there.  We saw so many people wearing badges defining which group they were in and you could see the group number change as you walked around and obviously came across a different part of their schedule.  However, they were not what we were there to see.

You can take a short walk to the falls from the parking lot.  What is nicer is to take the longer loop.  You actually get a view of some other falls early on in the loop although they are across a valley and so a little less dramatic.  The area is rain forest like in its conditions so you get to see plenty of cool plants and wildlife as you go, some of which has already made its way on to this blog.  Near the end of the loop, you come down a slope and the Akaka Falls are in front of you.

They are some pretty high falls.  The volume of water rushing over them was substantial and you could see smaller streams of water around the opening.  Sadly, the viewing area was such that it was hard to get a good view of the bottom of the falls and the surrounding water so everything felt a little isolated when trying to frame it.  I’m sure with more time and persistence, I might have found a better way to get some shots.  The blog is most suited to landscape format shots but these falls were stretching the wide angle nature of the lens I was using so portrait was often the best option.  They are snapshots of a tourist spot but they make me remember a really cool waterfall.

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