Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching RouteI have been on a few whale watching trips in the past.  We took one out of Provincetown on Cape Cod that had a whale guarantee.  No whales and you get a free second trip.  95% success rate.  Guess what day we went on.  No chance to go back and take the free trip.  We did a trip in a RIB when staying on Pender Island and had more success on that occasion including a pretty close encounter with a humpback.  Other than that it was a pretty quiet trip.

Consequently, I was cautious when we went on our trip out in Monterey Bay.  This is an area with an abundance of marine life, particularly at this time of year.  Dolphins, humpbacks, orcas and even blue whales have been about a lot recently.  However, we went on a trip that had a lot better chances.  It was an all day excursion.  It was listed as eight hours but we ended up being gone for eleven.  The map above shows where I took shots so you can see we went a long way up the coast.  It is easy to see why they don’t let children under 13 or pregnant women on.  Boredom or urgent needs are not realistic!

The day was very productive.  Be ready for a stream of posts of aquatic wildlife!

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