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Yountville in Fall

C59F7521.jpgIt seems like a long time ago that we were in the transition from summer to winter. Fall in California is a little later than in some other places but, even so, it was still a while ago. We spent a day up in the wine country back then and the colors in the trees and the vines were very nice. I think we had missed the peak of the color for the vines but, as I was walking around Yountville, the sun was bringing out some great color in the trees.

C59F7541.jpgDriving in to town we had passed a great variety of colors so I decided to walk back down through the town to take a closer look. Everywhere I looked there was another tree with the leaves glowing in the light. It was great. Whether looking along the road or up through the foliage, you couldn’t help but stare at the vibrancy of everything. It is cool to get good sun when the colors in the trees are nice too. Sometimes in the past I have struggled with getting the best of fall colors when the light became flat while the trees were at their best. Not so this time!



Our visit to the Napa Valley included a visit to Yountville. Not a big town, it is still well worth a visit. However, it does seem to be focused on food and shopping. It certainly is laid out to make it easy for you to spend your cash. The offerings available are worth it though so don’t avoid it just because of the commercialism. It is laid out in a very attractive way. I enjoyed looking around as well as sampling some of the baked goods from Bouchon Bakery. There may be more to the town than we saw but, on this trip, the visit was short but sweet (in more ways than one!).