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Millennium Park

wpid6452-C59F6408.jpgMillennium Park is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago so we obviously had to pay it a visit.  At various times I have taken pictures of the park that I like.  These show the park itself.  However, one of the things I love about the place is the effect it has on people.  The Bean in particular is great for people watching.  They are all looking at their own reflections in the mirrored surface and it causes so many people so much fun, you just can’t help but enjoy the fun they are having.

wpid6457-C59F6413.jpgThe new Maggie Daley Park is being constructed at the moment.  That cuts off a section of the park.  I wonder when it will be finished and whether we will still be in Chicago to see it.  I do hope so.  A few other things have changed since my sister was last here including the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute.  We took a walk across the bridge to see that before heading in to the loop.  The Art Institute has a Picasso exhibit running and they have added his name to Daley Plaza in front of his sculpture there as part of the publicity for the exhibit.  That seemed worth a look before we headed back.

Art Institute Gardens

I recently had lunch with a friend down in the Loop.  We had finished eating and it was a glorious day so we decided to take a stroll out towards Grant Park.  As we crossed Michigan Avenue, we came to a garden attached to the Art Institute.  I admitted that I had never been in to this garden and my friend said exactly the same thing!  Neither of us could explain why that should be the case so we wandered in to have a look around.

It was a very pleasant space and quite tranquil considering how close the bustle of Michigan Avenue was.  We strolled about and just had a nice stroll.  A few days later, when I had some visitors from out of town, I made the effort to go back so they could see this great spot as well.  Nancy hadn’t been there either so somehow a bunch of us had managed to miss this place for many years!

It was then a short walk to Millennium Park where the water features had been turned on for the first time this year.  Plenty of people were out enjoying the park although there weren’t any kids standing under the water as it fell.  I guess it isn’t quite that warm just yet!  It will be a while before that happens.  However, it was still good enough to attract the time of a lot of people, probably fresh from their visits to the Bean!

Chicago at Night

It has been a while since I last went out and did some night photography around Chicago.  I had been meaning for a while to go and photograph the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park at night when they have the light and music show.  This was supposed to be a relatively quick trip out but ended up being a rather longer expedition.

Chicago at night is a great place to photograph.  It is fine to walk around at night and there are usually a bunch of people out and about.  However, do you do get a feeling that the city is yours and that you aren’t sharing it with the tourist masses.  The night lighting is also a lot more generous to sights that look less impressive during the day.  The dark hides a lot of the blemishes!

The show at the fountain takes place every hour on the hour.  I got down at 8pm which was just after sundown.  This wasn’t such a good plan as, even at the end of the 20 minute display, it really wasn’t dark enough to get the benefit of the lights.  I figured I would try again another time but ended up taking enough shots of details around the fountain that soon it was sufficiently close to the hour again that there was no point in leaving.  The 9pm show was certainly more photogenic – even if I had to take a few angles that concealed some of the construction sites on the skyline.

With some shots in the bag, I headed back in the direction of home.  however, along the way were plenty of things to shoot as well.  The Art Institute, the Pritzker Pavilion and the bean were all there along with the goings on of Millennium Park.  It ended up being pretty late by the time I finally headed home.  I have now whetted my appetite for some more night shooting so hopefully it won’t be too long before I am back out.