Snoqualmie Falls

Our exploration of our new territory included a trip up into the foothills to see Snoqualmie Falls.  The town of Snoqualmie is quite a way from the top of the pass but it is still a nice increase in elevation from the more populated areas to the west.  The views are very nice from up there.  The water running off the mountains has already formed a pretty decent sized river by this time.

Because of the time of year, I was not expecting a very heavy flow over the Falls.  They provide a guide to when the flow is strong and when it is light and we were not visiting at a time of year when it is expected to cover much of the lip of the Falls.  However, some heavy rain in the preceding week had obviously resulted in some run off and things were actually looking pretty forceful.

We had lunch in the hotel overlooking the Falls and got a window seat that provided a great view.  Then we walked around the ridge to see the Falls from different angles before taking the trail down to the river level.  Things look very different when you are level with the base of the Falls and they feel far more powerful.  It was a warm day and the climb back up to the top made me feel rather toasty.  It was certainly worth it though.

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