Return to the Clifton Suspension Bridge

When we lived in the UK, Nancy and I spent a weekend in Bristol as part of a visit to the balloon fiesta that is held there (or at least it was then – I don’t know whether it is still a big event or not).  As part of that visit, we did head up to Clifton which sits on the hills overlooking the center of Bristol.  The area is most famous for the Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the gorge in which the River Avon runs.  Built by engineers based on a design that Brunel had originally proposed, it is quite a structure although the movement you feel in it as you walk across it is a little unsettling.

As you walk along the river from the harbor, you come around to get a good view from the underside of the bridge high above.  We walked up this way to get a little closer and I accepted the cloudy day for what it was and got some photos of the bridge.  You are walking along the river but also a rather busy road so it isn’t the most relaxing way to spend some time.  However, I did get a view from below to match the ones from above from our previous trip.

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