C59F7338.jpgDuring the fall, we decided to take a trip up to Placer County.  The aim was to visit some of the apple farms up that way and to buy some fruit.  This we did quite successfully!  When we had finished, we dropped in to Placerville to have a look around.  I actually have some friends who live in Placerville but I hadn’t warned them that we might be in the neighborhood and they were out when I called to see if they were around so we missed out on catching up.  However, we did have a nice look around the downtown area.

C59F7328.jpgAs an old mining town, it has a selection of older buildings and the feel of the place is more eclectic than the experience you have in a newer town that hasn’t had a chance to evolve much.  The geography of the area means that the roads are not dead straight so everything has a more individual feel.

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