Painted Ladies in Alamo Square

wpid9834-AU0E6912.jpgMy sister wanted to see one of the more famous images of San Francisco while she was here. While the term painted ladies refers to the buildings in the city that have bright paint schemes, it is often focused on Alamo Square. Here there is a line of houses that typify the style and have a backdrop of the city behind them. Alamo Square itself is a park and the area is a popular place on a sunny day irrespective of the famous vista on one side. (Indeed, some of the other buildings in the area are more interesting but they don’t have the same context.)

wpid9836-AU0E6919.jpgWe stopped off to take a look. The area is popular with tourists and there is an ongoing problem with tour buses blocking up the area despite the fact that they are banned from coming into the square. We didn’t have a problem finding somewhere to park though so went to hang out in the park for a while. The middle of the day is not the best time to visit if photography is your goal but in this case it wasn’t. Unfortunately, a couple of the buildings had scaffolding on them which took a bit away from the image. They were on one end so could be ignored if you tried but it was a bit of a shame. Sitting under the shade of a tree in the park on a sunny day looking across at that view is certainly not a bad way to pass a bit of time. A guy came and sat near us and got out his guitar. We wondered whether we would be impressed or distressed by his playing. As it was, he seemed to be playing silently to himself so it was neutral for us.

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