Our Local Rodeo

AE7I3736.jpgOnce a year, a rodeo is held a short distance from our house.  I have never been to a rodeo before.  Anyone who knows me would not think of me as a western kind of guy.  Despite all of that, I was quite interested to see what it was like.  I had missed the previous two events so thought I should make the effort this time.  It was on over a Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.  I went on the Friday because it was less disruptive to the weekend and it included bull riding which I thought would be dramatic to see.

B11I2654.jpgI got there a little early to have a look around.  It turns out that I left more time than needed to check everything out so I found a seat in the bleachers to wait for things to start.  I got a visit from the management since I obviously looked a little out of place.  They guy asked me a few questions but I think he was struggling with my accent and gradually got bored.  I thought it was rather empty but, just as the riding started, tons of people showed up and it was pretty full.

AE7I3744.jpgMore posts will follow with some of the action shots.


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