Olmsted Point

One part of Yosemite that I have not previously explored is the Tioga Pass Road.  It has either been out of my way or closed for the winter during previous visits but this time I decided to take the drive across to end up at Mono Lake.  The route takes you to Olmsted Point.  This is only a couple of miles from my starting point in Yosemite Valley but the direct route is not available to cars so an hour’s drive is the alternative.

Olmsted Point itself is a pretty bleak and exposed place.  The view across to Yosemite Valley is good (and would probably be a lot better at a different time of day to my visit)and you can see a lot from the parking lot.  It is only a short walk to a better spot but most people don’t bother walking down.  The rocky outcrop is very bright and on a sunny day the light is quite harsh.  However, you do get a view of everything around you which makes it worth doing.


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