Oakland Architecture

wpid8674-IMG_1763.jpgThis is a piece that will probably lead to me having another go at something.  In this case, these pictures were all taken with my phone.  It was an opportunistic thing but I shall make the effort to go back with some more camera options at some point before too long.  Oakland is one of those cities that has been around for quite a while so it has some interesting architecture mixed in amongst the more boring city center buildings.  A short walk from the office at lunchtime takes you passed a few of them.

wpid8680-IMG_1766.jpgThere is a great art deco feel about some of the buildings.  The intricacy of the carvings and the colors of the stone make for some great looking places.  Also, a couple of the theaters are really old school and they just look great.  Very close to the office is a split where Broadway and Telegraph go their separate ways.  The difference in angle is not substantial and you can be a few blocks further up and they really haven’t diverged much.  Consequently, Oakland has its own version of the building fitting in to a tiny plot.  New York may be famous for this but I think Oakland’s version is even more extreme.  See what you think.  Now to come back with more time and better lens options…

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