Medlock Ames

wpid12313-AU0E3276-Edit.jpgWe took a trip to Healdsburg for a short break. While there, Nancy arranged a visit to a local winery. Medlock Ames is not a famous facility but it is an interesting one. It is a totally organic operation and has set up the operation to not only avoid artificial elements to the grape growing but also to grow other crops in order to encourage soil health and to have a strong insect and bird population to control pests that would normally be dealt with through less natural methods.

wpid12317-AU0E3302.jpgWe had a tour of the wine making areas as well as through the vineyards and other growing areas. The location is quite isolated and absolutely beautiful. Also, we were the only two on the tour so we had a very personalized introduction to their operation. Needless to say, we also were introduced to the wine itself which proved to be very nice. Not only did we have the finished product but we were able to taste it as it was being prepared which gave an interesting side to the wine making process.

wpid12311-AU0E3269.jpgIf you get a chance to visit, I would certainly do so. The people were very friendly, the tour was interesting and the location was both tranquil and gorgeous. A half day well spent.

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