Lighthouse at Mukilteo

Mukilteo Light Station is a small lighthouse located (not surprisingly) in Mukilteo.  It sits in a small park right next to the ferry terminal for the crossing to Whidbey Island.  I had been wondering about checking out the park and the light station for a while after noticing them on Google Maps but I had never got around to doing so.  Then I found myself on the ferry to Whidbey with a buddy of mine when I looked back and saw the light in some lovely early morning sun.  Too late but something to remember.

I didn’t have long to remember though.  I was back at the ferry a few days later.  This time we arrived just a little late to get the first ferry so had to wait for the second.  This gave me a chance, albeit a short one, to have a quick look at the light.  It isn’t the most impressive structure you will see but it is a nicely kept lighthouse on a nice promontory.

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