Lake Washington Sunset

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place when the conditions are right.  We were driving across the floating bridge that takes SR520 between Seattle and Bellevue one evening.  The sun was going down and the sky to the north was pink.  The water of Lake Washington was smooth and was reflecting the sky beautifully.  We were in a car doing 60mph so there was nothing to be done about it.  Once across the bridge, I avoided the freeway and took Lake Washington Blvd towards home.  It runs alongside the lake and, while a slower road, it is a shorter distance and a more pleasant drive.

As we got alongside the water, the sky was still looking rather impressive.  The pink to the north had faded but the sky to the west still looked great.  There is a park along the shoreline and I zipped in there to see if I could find a parking spot.  Sure enough, someone had just left so I hopped out and took a few shots before the whole thing was done.  The orange in the sky towards downtown Seattle was very intense and it all looked great.  I guess I got a second bite of the apple.

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