Inquisitive Sealion at the Beach

The shores of Puget Sound provide plenty of places to explore.  One of these was a beach in Shoreline, a town that is quite appropriately named.  I was actually about to head back to the car when this event occurred.  As I walked up the path I saw people coming in the opposite direction.  I thought they had a dog with them and that it was swimming in the water alongside them.  Then I realized that the head in the water was not a dog but instead was a sealion.

The sealion was very close in to the shore and seemed to be quite interested in what was going on.  I turned back around and headed to the water as it came closer.  There were some old wood pilings in the water and the sealion came in to those, almost as if they provided a measure of protection.  Then it paused before turning around and swimming back in the other direction.  Shortly thereafter, it dipped under the surface and swam away.  By this point, a few people had stopped to watch its progress.  A sealion is hardly a rarity but it is interesting just how much attention it garners all the same.

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