Goodbye Wicket

I have always had a soft spot for hippos.  No idea why but something about them has always interested me.  I don’t think it has anything to do with Disney and tutus but you never know what your subconscious is trying to conceal.  I don’t even hold it against them that they are the largest killer of humans in the animal kingdom in Africa (I am assuming that bugs and viruses are not included when that stat gets rolled out) and a creature of which you should be very wary.  In fact, I love those menacing looking teeth when they yawn!

Therefore, I was rather sad to get an email from the Brookfield Zoo announcing that Wicket, the zoo’s lone hippo has left.  We also have a couple of pygmy hippos but Wicket was basically alone and they have decided to move her to another zoo in Colorado so she can be with other animals.  They are going to focus the efforts at Brookfield on the pygmy hippos instead.

We were at the zoo a few weeks ago when Chris was visiting.  We stopped by to see Wicket.  I got some shots of her as she floated – barely breaking the surface in that classic hippo pose.  Chris has good memories of her too.  On a previous visit she left the pool and walked across the enclosure doing something in quite a dramatic way that led to her being known as a hippoo thereafter!

I hope she likes her new home but I’m sorry to see her go.  Have fun Wicket!

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