FOD Walk – The Sequel

A couple of years ago, I took part in the FOD walk that King County Airport (aka Boeing Field) held.  They did it again last year, but I didn’t know about it until after it happened.  This year I saw advance notice again, so I signed up to have another visit.  The first time I did this, I wasn’t sure what was allowable so took a small camera with me.  I needn’t have worried so, this time, I took better gear with me.  I also recognized that the FOD walk is totally unimportant and that it is just a community engagement effort so, this time, I didn’t really make much effort to look for FOD (although I did keep an eye out as I walked just in case).  Instead, I spent more time enjoying the unusual opportunity to walk down the middle of a 10,000’ runway.

This year I started at the south end rather than the north.  This meant down by the Boeing military ramp which is considered off limits for photos while taking part.  Everything else is fair game, though.  We walk half the length of the runway and meet the other half of the group as they have come from the other end.  Then we had a photo opportunity in the middle of the field with some fire trucks as background.

The short runway remains in use while all of this goes on, so you do get some opportunities to get some shots of moving planes every once in a while.  We had a couple of PC-12s depart along with a Caravan.  I also got a good look at some of the aircraft parked at the FBO.  An Air Canada A320 was there, as was a Marine Corps Hornet.  Plenty of other jets too and, on the other side, the usual line up of 737s undergoing pre-delivery tests prior to heading to their airlines.  The airport management team was keeping an eye on us as people were taking their various selfies.  I’ll probably do this again if I can.

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