Django Fest Random Groups

We didn’t realize it when we planned our trip to Langley but it was in the middle of a music festival.  Called Django Fest, this brought a range of musicians into the town to perform a series of concerts.  However, the concerts were not all that they were doing.  Throughput the town, little impromptu gatherings of musicians took place and they jammed together.  At various times, one musician might pack up and head off ad another might later show up (With a different instrument) and replace them.  The musicians would adapt each tune to the new additions, some of which fitted easily and some of which required a little more accommodation.

The first group we came across made us think this was just some locals sitting outside playing.  However, when we came across a couple more of the groups, we began to get what was going on.  When a shop assistant asked if we had come for the festival, it all became clear.

The quality of the play and the smoothness of the integration varied from group to group but they were all clearly skillful musicians.  Watching them join a new group and just play was impressive and also made me rather envious of their talent.

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