Crissy Field Windsurfers

wpid10508-C59F8577.jpgOne weekend afternoon, we ended a day out by heading down to Crissy Field in San Francisco. With the nice weather on the bay, plenty of people were out making the most of things. This included a bunch of kids paddling in the water and a lot more people out either windsurfing or kite-boarding. At this time of day, the sun is off to the west so backlights anything that is in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, this had a pretty pleasing effect with the bridge both backlit and also in the edge of some fog that was lingering out in the entrance to the bay. The backlight also worked well with the sails and kites that the people were using out on the water.

wpid10512-C59F8585.jpgI wasn’t shooting with the longest lens but it was enough to get a good view of the guys out there. One of the guys had a foil on his board which meant he was well out of the water when he had some speed. Others were getting plenty of air which always looks cool. Having so many of them zooming around at one time looked very nice. I might have to go back specifically to shoot this I a bit more detail. Shortly before we left, we even managed to get a Beaver on floats flying through the scene. I can always squeeze an aviation theme in if I try (as if getting air or foiling wasn’t enough).

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