Cormorants Again and Again!

wpid8941-AU0E2407.jpgI am getting repetitive!  I can’t get enough of cormorants.  I have said it before but they are just my favorite bird.  Moss Landing proved to be a fun place to go and watch some.  We ended up sitting near the harbor entrance and the waterway there was something of a highway for cormorants.  There was a steady stream of them in each direction so I was a happy guy.  As they came out, the light was better for them but either way was okay so I was shooting a lot.  I was trying to work out whether there was a cormorant traffic plan since they seemed to go out on one side and in on the other.  This wasn’t a rule but seemed to happen a lot.  Maybe I was just looking for a pattern that wasn’t really there.  I’m sure they can manage to avoid each other without implementing traffic rules!

wpid8939-AU0E2206.jpgHaving said that, I did get watch must count as my first crossing shot of the season.  Not fast jets or even any other type of plane.  Two cormorants made a head on pass and I caught the moment.  Let’s tick that one off for the year.  As with Monterey over the holidays, I saw a few birds carrying material which I assume is for nest building.  The big load in their mouth doesn’t seem to affect the balance.  I also noticed the variation in colors between some of the birds with a light colored breast on a few of them.  I was even spoiled by having one fly straight in towards me to land on the water and then proceed to dive under in the area in front of me.  What a star!

wpid8947-AU0E2473.jpgLiving near the ocean now means I have a lot of chances to see these great birds.  Therefore, prepare to have a steady stream of cormorant related posts in the months to come.  You may not love them like I do but hopefully the shots will be enough to avoid driving you away!

wpid8949-AU0E2516.jpg wpid8945-AU0E2451.jpg

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