Charles Lindbergh’s Grave

One of the lesser known parts of Maui is the grave of Charles Lindbergh.  I find his aviation feats to be impressive but there are other aspects to his personality that are often glossed over which are less sympathetic.  However, we shall leave that to others to debate in other places.  He spent the later years of his life on Maui and, when he became sick with cancer and could not be treated any further, he made sure to get back to Maui for his remaining days.

He is buried in a small churchyard on the south side of the island at the top of a cliff.  It is a very picturesque location and quite different to what you might expect for someone who was so famous in his day.  It is a very relaxing spot to stop off at if you are passing by.  The story behind some of the others buried nearby is equally interesting…

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