Bloedel on a Chilly But Sunny Day

The last time we went to Bloedel was after restrictions started to be lifted during the pandemic.  They had a timed entry system and a one-way route around the gardens to keep people spaced out at that time.  The one-way system has gone but they have kept the timed reservations it seems.  Not sure whether this just helps them out or if it has some other reasoning but it does stop the random decision to show up.

It was a lovely day to be out and about but, since it was winter, that also meant things were quite cold.  That does make for a good combination for light although the low sun angle will mean more areas are in shade.  The lakes, the woods and the run down to the house are all very appealing.  We also took a walk down the river to one side of the house and then back up the other side.  I am not sure whether we had taken that route previously as it didn’t seem very familiar.  It did have some nice falls that I may have been shooting for the first time.  A great way to spend a day out (and it includes a ferry ride to Bainbridge so a double win for me!).

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