Baby Bison

Regular readers know that I am always keen to catch some photography opportunities with wildlife.  Baby wildlife is even cuter so that is something that will get me to visit a place.  One good wildlife spot but maybe one that is not so obvious unless you know the area is Fermilab.  This is a research facility located west of Chicago.  It does a lot of research in particle physics and it is home to the tevatron, a particle accelerator that was the most powerful in the world until the Large Hadron Collider was built at CERN.  The tevatron has now been shut down.

All of this leads to the fact the facility has a lot of land, most of which is not used for research.  This makes it quite a haven for wildlife and visiting to take a look around is very easy – as long as you stay in the public access areas of course.  Plenty of creatures make their home in the facility.  One extra thing is a farm that raises bison.  I have no idea why this is part of what goes on there but it does.  Breeding season has come and the herd had a few new additions.  We popped along to see them.

Baby bison are very cute whether they are roaming Yellowstone or in a field in Illinois.  We found the herd quite close to the road and so we could get a good view of the youngsters roaming around.  Some were staying close to mum but others were exploring a bit more on their own.  They will be big very quickly so it was nice to catch them at this age.

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