Testarossa Brutish Elegance

The mid-80s was very different to today when it came to expensive cars.  Now it feels like a new super car or hypercar is being unveiled every other week.  The market for big cars was obviously a lot smaller back then.  One of the cars of that era was the Ferrari Testarossa.  It was a beast of a car with conspicuous grilles on the side and, in an early iteration, only one wing mirror on the driver’s side.

When I come across one these days, it is always a nice reminder of my teenage years.  There is one that is a regular at Exotics@RTC.  It was there on a normal day and returned for the Italian Day along with some other examples.  It is a car with a muscular look to it with a very wide and low profile and some flaring at the back to emphasize its features.  I still think it looks great.  Whether it is a fun car to drive, I have no idea.

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