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Gratuitous Self Publicist

If you are searching through the TV listings for something to watch, take a look at Strip the City on the Science Channel.  There are a number of episodes from different cities but take a look at the episode about Chicago.  One part of the show features the bridges across the river and they include the Michigan Avenue bridge getting jammed open when the weather was too hot.

If you are a regular reader of this blog or a subscriber to my YouTube channel, the footage might seem familiar.  Have a look here and you will see what I mean.  This is one of a couple of projects where my video footage has been used.  I guess video is a useful addition to the portfolio!

The Spam Has Evolved!

I previously wrote about how I would get spam comments on this blog.  Since I wrote that piece, my spammers have moved on.  Some times they leave me alone completely.  Nothing for a day or so.  I get quite perplexed by what must have gone wrong.  However, they always show up again.

I wonder whether they read the previous piece on spam since I get a lot less spam for the bio image they used to use.  Maybe they track responses to spam and lay off those that are not any use.  I do still get some, though, so it can’t be that entirely.

Now I am getting some far more varied spam efforts.  They pick on any post and they come in three categories.  The first are the weirdos that have huge messages about everything from movie downloads to fake passports.  They are so obvious, I can’t imagine why anyone would accept them.

The next group are the SEO crowd.  I get so many messages from people who are offering to improve my website from a search engine optimization point of view.  They all come with similar templates so whether I actually need their help or not, I have no idea.  I don’t want it anyway!

The others are brand sellers.  Right now I am getting a ton of Ugg merchandise sites showing up and have started to get NFL jerseys now the season is underway.  Again, since the title of their comment is the website, they are not too hard to spot!  I sometimes read the contents and that can be hilarious.  They write something that is designed to sound like they have read the post and found it the most inspiring piece of work ever.  Fantastic stuff.

What I am hoping for today is to see whether I can get a nice dose of irony and get some of them to comment on this post.  We shall see!  Meanwhile, congratulations to the one spammer that described my site as awful!  Originality is appreciated.