Stormy Santa Cruz

The Pacific Coast is picturesque at any time.  Add into the mix a decent swell and things start to look really cool.  We took a trip to Santa Cruz while my mum was staying and the waves were larger than we have seen on any of our previous visits.  The waves were running up to the shore and crashing against the rocks in a very dramatic way.  This wasn’t a stormy day.  There was some wind but the sun was out and it was a very pleasant temperature.  However, something out in the ocean was a bit more active and it had driven the big waves towards the shore.

Not only were the waves crashing into the rocks along the shore, they were also crashing into each other.  As one wave hit the shore, it would reflect back out to see.  There it would meet the next wave coming in.  Waves go in phases with times of small waves interspersed with times of big waves.  (An old Navy helicopter pilot friend of mine – used to landing on pitching decks – said they come in sevens.  I don’t know whether this is accurate but it seems about right.)  When a couple of big waves were together, the impact of the reflecting wave on the incoming wave was pretty dramatic with the water shooting vertically in the air.  I can stand and watch waves all day without any trouble.  Each one is slightly different and they are so full of power.  They are mesmerizing.

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