St Peter’s Chapel

C59F7827.jpgLocated on Mare Island, St Peter’s Chapel was a non-denominational chapel to support the naval facility.  It is no longer an active chapel but it is available for use for ceremonies.  The structure looks pretty small from the outside but it is surprising how many people it can accommodate without trouble.  The wooden structure is very different to everything else on the facility and it looks quite rustic.  Many panels inside the chapel reflect the naval history of Mare Island and, particularly, the submarine forces.

C59F7821.jpgThe striking feature of the chapel is the stained glass windows.  Many of them were made by Tiffany and they are considered very valuable.  An exact value is not given but, since they cannot be replaced, you could argue they are priceless.  Not all of the windows are from Tiffany but most are and some include a signature which makes them even rarer.  The windows survived relatively unscathed in the recent earthquake that hit the area so the team is making sure that they are left alone as much as possible to avoid causing more harm than good.

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