Qantas – Late is Bad for Your Customers But Good For Me

AE7I7014.jpgQantas started flying to SFO again this year.  They used to have a regularly scheduled flight but dropped it for a while.  Obviously the demand had increased enough to justify starting it again.  I did a post when they started up.  However, I hadn’t had much luck getting any reasonable shots of the arrival.  When they are running to schedule, they are due in before 9am.  This is not great timing for shooting at SFO in the winter but in the summer the plane will be backlit.

AE7I7032.jpgFortunately, Qantas have a habit of running late on this service.  I don’t know whether this is accidental or whether they will slip this flight deliberately if they have an issue.  The plane has a long layover in SFO and doesn’t depart until near midnight so any delay is not going to have a knock on effect.  Either way, later arrivals are not unknown.  One of them coincided with one of my visits so I was able to get some better light on the jet.  It was summer though.  The middle of the day means high and harsh lighting.  It seems like it is hard to win.  Maybe in the winter I will get a day when they are late and the sun is lower and finally get a good shot.

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