Port Townsend Day Trip

Months with little travel meant we were interested in a day out if we could find something to do that made sense and wasn’t going to be unnecessarily risky to us or anyone else.  We figured a day at Port Townsend was a good idea.  The ferry across is not a problem because you remain in the car for the crossing.  Once in the town, we were outdoors almost the whole time and it was going to be a lovely day.

We last came to Port Townsend when on vacation in the region a few years back.  It was surprising how much I remembered about it.  There were plenty of people in the town but it wasn’t busy.  We did go into a couple of shops but they were limited on the number of customers at one time and so we only went to those of real interest.  Lunch was outside and we even checked out the ice cream shop!

The waterfront is a nice place to be and there is a selection of jetties that you can walk out on to in order to get a view of the town.  The architecture of the town is really interesting too and it seemed that a few of the buildings were in the process of being refurbished.  It was fun to get out and about and see something different for a change.  Fall is now upon us so making the most of the sunny days was good too!

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