Paraglide Pacifica


Pacifica is a popular spot for paragliding.  We were driving by when I saw some gliders up above the cliffs.  We made a detour to try and find a good spot to see them from.  A little trial and error and we found a place with a good overview of what was going on.  The gliders were spread along the cost so, at some points, they were far off and at others they would suddenly be all around you.

B11I0044.jpg B11I0031.jpg

From where I was, you could see where everyone was launching and recovering.  I will head there at some point to see what things look like from up close.  It might be good for some shots as they are beginning and ending their flights but might not be a great vantage point for in flight shots.  A two man glider that allows me to focus on shots of other flyers would be cool.

B11I0017.jpg B11I0026.jpg

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