Old Style Hotel in Pueblo

B11I8786-Pano.jpgBefore the days of the big hotel chains, towns and cities used to have local hotels.  These were in the heart of the city and dealt with travelers passing through or staying for a while.  The level of comfort was a function of what you were able to pay but the nicer ones were pretty grand looking structures.  If a city has enough traffic, places like this can still survive.  They often go way upmarket to justify choosing somewhere different.  Otherwise, they have tended to wither away.  The buildings can live on though.  The Vail Hotel in Pueblo now appears to have been converted for other uses.  Some things seem to suggest it is still a hotel but I wasn’t able to verify this.  Whatever the use now, a cool looking place has survived.  So many of its like have been demolished over the years so it is nice to see that it is still being taken care of.

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