Muddy River Runoff

I took a walk along Alameda Creek down in Fremont.  There is a trail that runs along the top of the levee and, with a sunny Saturday and not much to do plus having been in Newark for something, I thought a stroll would be nice.  I haven’t walked along the creek before so I don’t know what normal water levels are but, with the large amount of rain that we have been having, I assume that the levels are well above normal.

The things that really tell how the weather has been are the color of the hills and the color of the water.  The hills above Fremont are very green.  It doesn’t take long when the rain comes for the ground to get transformed from dry brown to lush green.  Given how much rain there has been, the green is pretty strong.  The brown has been transferred to the river.  The water was rushing through and it was obviously carrying a lot of sediment down from the hills.  The water was very muddy.  What would have been good to do would be to go flying over the bay and to get shots of where the rivers are flowing out into the bay.  I imagine the run off would be very conspicuous right now.

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