Meydenbauer Park

I was on a bike ride through Medina and Bellevue when I came upon Meydenbauer Park.  Nancy had mentioned that we should check it out some time but I hadn’t realized it was on my route.  I stopped off as I came by and, while enjoying the view, realized this was the spot she had been talking about some time before.  I figured we should both go there and so we headed out one weekend.

The park is spread up the side of the hill and then has a beach with a walkway out over the water.  It was a popular spot the day we went.  Lots of families out with kids playing on the park equipment.  There was still no problem keeping spaced from the other visitors.  You are surrounded by some pretty high-end properties – I wonder how much they like having a busy park nearby.  It is a pretty spot to hang out with lots of little spots to have to yourself despite the number of other visitors.  We shall be back.

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