Marineflieger Tornado

Scan 2-1251.jpgTornado was a tri-national program.  The UK, Germany and Italy were the partners that developed and produced the aircraft.  There was only one export customer which was Saudi Arabia.  All of the users continue to operate the aircraft although all of the ADVs have now been withdrawn.  Germany took a substantial number of the jets but, while the Luftwaffe remains a major user, it is easy to forget that they were not alone.

The German Navy had a fast jet fleet.  The Marineflieger operated the F-104 in large numbers and these were replaced by the Tornado.  Originally, they were in the Blue/gray upper fuselage with white undersides colors which looked very neat.  Later on (including the time this photo was taken), they had migrated to a camouflage scheme.  Then, a consolidation exercise took place and the Navy jets were transferred to the Luftwaffe which took over their responsibilities.

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