Just Not Quite the Right Spot

As I was heading to the tower for my visit, I decided to check out a spot that I had read about for photography.  The Airtrain Terminal 2 station has open ends that provide a view of the runways and taxiways.  You can get a view of the operations which is quite good.  However, you are looking out at each end.  The middle of the view is obscured by the terminal buildings – at least for now until demolition takes them away to be replaced with something new.  (Supposedly, the new building will include a viewing terrace!)

Unfortunately, some of the most interesting moments take place in the obscured area.  Rotations for takeoff and touchdowns for landing can be just out of sight.  This is unfortunate.  Consequently, this is not a spot I shall try much but it does provide a slightly different view of things at SFO which is at least worth a try.  Reverse operations were in effect so I might want to see how it is when things are operating the other way.

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