How Things Move On

IMG_3827.jpgI am sure that there are countless examples around of how things progress leaving something that we used to think was impressive looking horribly dated. This is not something unique, then, but it did amuse me. While going through some old camera bits to find an old connector, I came across this compact flash card. My first digital camera was a Canon EOS10D and it actually came with a card included. This was it. 32Mb of awesomeness.

Even then that wasn’t enough and I immediately got a couple of 256Mb cards. However, given that I tend to have 64Gb cards in the camera these days – 2000 times the capacity – is a sign of how things change rapidly.

2 thoughts on “How Things Move On

  1. Leo

    As I am cleaning up my “office” I have gathered a lot of computer bits such as, hard drives, flash card and ram. I am amazed at how massive memory and storage have become and I wonder why I kept a 5 gb hard drive or 512mb ram sticks. I would be interesting to determine the length of time between cutting edge and e-waste for memory components.


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