Hangar 1 on a Misty Morning

When I am on a shoot, the main focus is on the subject that you are there for.  However, I have rarely had a shoot when I didn’t get some pictures of something else while I was there.  The problem comes when I am going through the shoot.  I need to get the shots I am going to use selected and edited.  The other shots are put to one side and, it is really easy to forget about them when the next shoot needs to be worked through.

While this is a bit annoying, it does mean that you periodically come across something long afterwards when you are running through images for another reason.  This shot of Hangar 1 at Moffett Field is just such a shot.  I saw the shots while looking for a shot of an IL-76.  I quickly realized that they were shot to be a panorama and had never been tagged as such.  This time I ran it quickly through the pano function and got the shot out.  It was shot early in the morning awaiting the departure of Solar Impulse and I like the misty look in the air.

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