Flying Over Chicago

wpid8223-C59F1956.jpgOne thing I have been thinking about for a while is doing a flight across Chicago in a helicopter.  I had contemplated this on and off for a while but never got around to doing it.  Then I got an offer that was impossible to pass up.  Someone I have been working with on a couple of things was going to be doing some flying across the city on another project and asked if I wanted to ride along.  Let me think about that for a second…

wpid8215-AU0E1838.jpgThe day was not the best for photography sadly.  The city was shrouded in low cloud with the tops of the taller buildings in the clouds.  This didn’t harm the work they had planned but it did change the perspective on things a bit.  However, the city was still there and I was still in a helicopter – one with an opening window no less – so time to make the most of it.

wpid8233-AU0E2090.jpgWith our departure from the city not far in the future at this point, it really was a great time to get a view like this.  I have been on plenty of tall buildings in the city working with the helicopter crews so I have seen some great sights but heading around the city to different spots gives you so much more of interest.  I grabbed as many shots as I could while the guys got on with the reason for being there.  They were great to fly with and a very professional crew.  Thanks for taking me along.

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