Drive Through Vaccination

I have had both of my vaccination shots at this point.  The vaccination center I went to was in the fairgrounds in Monroe WA.  They had a well-organized process where you booked online, showed up, had your details checked, drove into a covered area to have the shot and then parked up in rows to allow them to see whether you had any side effects.

The first time I went, it was a lovely sunny day, but I was very focused on the process at hand and never thought about taking any pictures.  Once it was done, I was quite annoyed with myself for having failed to do so.  When I went back for the second shot, I was more prepared.  Sadly, the conditions were a bit more gloomy so no sunny day to record.  However, it all still went smoothly.

Everyone I dealt with was incredibly friendly and helpful.  Standing around all day in a field doing this sort of thing can’t be fun and their efforts are certainly appreciated.  The cars get split into lines to allow more to be processed in parallel.  I found myself wondering whether my line was slow but why this should matter I don’t know since we all got taken care of very quickly.  They write your arrival time on the windshield so they can se when to let you go again.  It’s over before you know it and I was driving back home.  Great effort by all involved.

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