Tigers Being Tigers

There are four tigers at Cougar Mountain Zoo.  They are in two pairs and they move them between enclosures to give them some variety in their surroundings.  They were pretty active compared to tigers I have seen in other places.  They spent a lot of time checking out where they were.  Of course, being cats, they also enjoyed lying around for some of the time.  The staff also did a demonstration with them when they showed how they carry out physical examinations for the cats when necessary.

The tigers would come up to the fence and would stand up on their hind legs with their paws up on the fencing.  This allows the staff to CA them out from the safety of being behind the fence.  It is a good opportunity to realize just how big a tiger really is.  Those paws are something and, if you were in there with them, you can see how easily they would dispatch you!

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