The Strip at Night

wpid9074-IMG_1807.jpgA project recently took me to Las Vegas.  Vegas is not one of my favorite cities.  I am not a gambler so, after you have seen it once, you are pretty much done.  However, aside from the Strip, there are some other interesting things in the vicinity so the trip was worthwhile.  We came in from the west and overflew the airport before turning back to land.  All of my main gear was in the overhead but I did have my phone to hand.  No problems with using it all the way to landing now so I tried grabbing a few shots of the city as we flew overhead.  See what you think of the iPhone’s night capabilities.  Of course, at the size for being online, some of the issues are disguised.  However, the shot below gives you a full size view so you can see how the detail holds up – and my night panning in a moving airliner.  Not so good I guess!


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