The ISAP Cometh

Okay, you have to forgive the theatrical title but it made me smile!  It is not long now until the annual symposium of the International Society of Aviation Photographers or ISAP.  This year it is being held in San Diego and I have to admit, I can’t wait.  I have been a member of ISAP for a number of years now and find the annual symposium to be an excellent event.  My first symposium was in Pensacola and I turned up knowing absolutely nobody.  I couldn’t believe the friendly welcome I received from so many people and that is a continuing theme throughout ISAP for me.

The symposium is a very well organized event.  We have two full days of presentations on different aspects of the business with a field trip day in the middle that takes us to some location that would not normally be available with access to great aircraft to shoot – all with a really great bunch of people.  What more could you ask for?

The levels of the attendees vary greatly.  Some are enthusiasts while others are long established professionals.  Everyone is open to discuss the topics on offer and there are a willingness to share knowledge that is very refreshing.  I have learned a ton of good stuff at these events.  It is also an opportunity to share your work.  Putting together whatever I want to take with me is something that I start thinking about long in advance.  Having some prints put together for display along with any other presentational forms is both fun and a little intimidating.  These are the best in the world that you are showing your stuff to!

Soon I will be heading off.  For those of you interested but who have never gone, give it some thought.  For those of you that are members already, see you there!

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